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TheBOUNCE#1: a week of review!

"This looks like it may well be going on an Action Philosophers journey, exploring reality, drugs and The Man with a variety of complexities. What ever hard and fast truths are delivered are soon knocked away."


"Even the title The Bounce is something that could be mocked if this was supposed to be taken seriously. However the dark artwork from David Messina, the adult themes and foul language push The Bounce far from being a "feel good" or "light-hearted" comic."  


"Producing originality in the superhero genre has seemed to be a difficult task for creators over the years. To pull off a new concept while granting unique abilities to characters requires a good deal of ingenuity that, quite simply, seems to be lacking these days; however, the creative team of Joe Casey and David Messina have managed such an accomplishment with The Bounce #1 from Image Comics." 


"David Messina’s artwork is perfect for this book. His artwork reminds me of Stefano Caselli’s. Characters have a slight shine to them, but it feels real. Special credit should be given to Messina, as the costumes look great for battle. The fabric used for Bounce’s costume looks like it protects him while helping out his powers. Every scene is bursting at the seams with detail. The city might be that interesting to read about, but it looks gorgeous. The final few pages show how versatile Messina is on pencils. It’s clear that he changed his pencil style up to fit the story, but it feels just familiar enough to keep the reader on their toes.

The Bounce may not be the near perfect start that Sex had (there is a joke in there somewhere), but it’s a good superhero book that feels different than the rest of the books on the stands."


"Upon second and third reading, though, it starts to become clear that there’s a greater subtext lurking just under the surface, teasing us."


"David Messina (Angel, True Blood) delivers some solid artwork for the issue. From the first few pages where we see Jasper just hitting the bong in his apartment to the last few pages that had me going “WTF!?” as the story ended and everywhere in between, Messina’s art is freaking good." 


"The Bounce #1 was an incredibly pleasant surprise. It truly felt like a breath of fresh air. It feels very unique and new overall, while the familiar ideas and concepts have been revitalized and recast to fit with this feeling."


"What a wild start to this new series! There are so many interesting things going on in The Bounce #1 that surely this series can only get better. Even familiar ideas are done in a freshly twisted fashion making all aspects of the plot exciting and feeling new. The pacing was great throughout, and the ending was ambiguous enough that even those still unsure of this book will be back next month to find out just what the heck is happening."


"Messina's art is very well done. Panels where The Bounce is bouncing are achieved with a blur effect, which emphasizes the motion of his power. It's a cool effect and helps the reader learn more about his power. Many of the panels are laid out in a superhero book fashion, giving the reader the sense that they're reading a superhero book about slackers. There are some relatively trippy panels towards the end of the book that really take the reader along with the character in an interesting way."


"David Messina’s photo-realistic aesthetic is perfect for the extraordinary-in-the-ordinary setting of Casey’s narrative. Messina balances the grit and urban realism of New York with the fantasy of a bouncing superhero and an interdimensional portal. The final sequence in particular is fantastic; no spoilers here, but let’s just say that Messina illustrates the “trip” that Jasper finds himself on at issue’s end with an innovative blend of surrealism with Golden Age pointillism. It’s a stunning spin on Image’s naturalistic house style, and a perfect compliment to Casey’s story."


"Casey and Messina’s “The Bounce” #1 offers a new take on superhero comics and establishes a world where the unexpected is all that can be expected. This decidedly street-level high-flying adventure will leave you scratching your head, wondering how the world of cape comics has existed without a character like this for so long"


"There’s something to be said, overall, for the fact that Casey and Messina have created a new superhero world that is compelling and exciting–a true feat with the glut of superhero titles currently available. Moreover, it feels fresh and while there are some familiar elements, it has me really excited to follow this series with each issue. This is also yet another home run for Image Comics, a company who seems to have a solid lock on creator-owned content that often challenges the boundaries of this medium."


"it’s still off to a strong start with fantastic art and enough zany ideas to make Stan Lee jealous."


"David Messina's art is top-notch. It has a Tony Harris look to it, a sort of cartoon realism that fits the comic's blend of the mundane and the bizarre. Every panel is carefully composed and drawn with loving detail. The action scenes are clear and dramatic. His character designs are appealing, too, even if they don't break any new ground, though the Bounce himself has a sort of S&M vibe that looks a lot darker than you'd expect from a hero whose fight-scene sound effects include "sproing" and "bee-oing." Again, the comic exists in a gray area between serious and silly, and it's curious to watch Messina walk that line with Casey."


...for new Bounce 's art, tributes and work in progress, please visit TheBOUNCE ART blog!


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ULTIMATE COMICS WOLVERINE#4-PENCILS! can find the final version with the inks of GARY ERSKINE and the colors of JAVA TARTAGLIA, right HERE!

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...colors by GIOVANNA NIRO! can find more TheBOUNCE's preview HERE!