martedì 31 gennaio 2012


...dopo la previewdi un paio di settimane fa, ecco qualche recensione dell'albo e qualche tavola in bianco e nero.
La versione colorata la potete trovare da SCARLETGOTHICA!
Lei ha fatto uno STRAORDINARIO lavoro usando pochi (e quasi piatti) colori!
Tutta colpa del nostro amore per JAZZ MAYNARD, il bellissimo fumetto di !
Sono abbastanza orgoglioso di questo lavoro, in cui Scarletgothica ed io abbiamo fatto la cosa che amiamo di più: abbiamo sperimentato qualcosa di differente, cercando nuove strade, qualche volta ci siamo riusciti, altre abbiamo fallito, ma in entrambi i casi ci siamo DIVERTITI...

...perchè i fumetti sono divertenti (da fare e da leggere!)


...after the preview of a couple of weeks ago, there 's some reviews and the black and withe version of some pages.
You can find the colored version at SCARLETGOTHICA's place!
She did a AMAZING works with few (almost flat) colors!
It's all fault of our love for JAZZ MAYNARD the beautiful book by !
I'm pretty proud of this book where ScarletGothica and me have done what we love most: we experimented something different, looking for new ways, sometime we failed, others we suceed, in either way we ENJOY it...

...because, you know: comic books are funny!


sabato 21 gennaio 2012

INFESTATION-II PREVIEW can see the colored version (and the prologue done by the amazing VALERIO SCHITI) HERE!
The colors are the usual thing of beauty by SCARLETGOTHICA!

...potete trovare la versione colorata delle tavole (ed il prologo realizzato dallo straordinario VALERIO SCHITI) QUI!
I colori sono il solto capolavoro di SCARLETGOTHICA!

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012


...this sketches are for the second issue of INFESTATION-II, and to draw Abbey, the Danger Girl it's so COOL!!! I was a big fan of the book when I was a student in the comic art school, and to have the chance to draw them now, it's GREAT, especially because I've a realistic style, different from the way of drawing of their creator Scott Campbell and from the others artists that follow him on Danger Girl, and I never thinked that I could have this opportunity!

The hard part was find a way to draw Abbey in a realistic way keeping the likeness with the Campbell' s one.

I hope to achieve this goal!

giovedì 5 gennaio 2012


...this commission was a love gift (from her boyfriend), for Anne-Kathrin. She was once casted as a vulcan "Soleta" for the German Star Trek book covers for "Star Trek: The New Frontier"
It's interesting that despite my appearance, and my bad manner (as my students and co-workers knows well!) mostly of my requests for commisions are for love strange!

mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012


...I love ROBOTS!!!