lunedì 7 settembre 2015


...HERE you can find the colored version!

venerdì 17 luglio 2015


The book is out there!
Here's some pages before and after some changes.


lunedì 25 maggio 2015

CATWOMAN SHORT STORY'S PAGES can find the beautiful colored version by LEE LOURIDGE, right HERE!

Enjoy the B&W version!

giovedì 21 maggio 2015

INTERVIEWS  and interviewed GENEVIEVE VALENTINE and me about our work on that lady: can find it HERE and HERE.


martedì 7 aprile 2015


...ok, the word is spread out, I'll be the artist of the next run of Catwoman, by DC comics!

...and I've no words to say how much I'm excited!

I can't show you any pages, or the study of the new costume but I can show you the study of the character approved by Mark Doyle the group editor of Batman's titles.

...this one was the first version but the clotches doesn't fit to much with the charatcter: I fixed it, and this one was approved:

giovedì 19 febbraio 2015


...the main character isn't the Black Widow!